Welcome to Doug Edwards Counseling

Doug Edwards LCSW

I am pleased to announce that I recently joined Compassion Counseling at 714 W. Corbett Ave. Swansboro, NC, 28584. Please call (217) 433-6109 to schedule an appointment. 

I am dedicated to assisting individuals, couples, and families in achieving their treatment goals by helping them to gain insight, improve coping skills, and build supportive and nurturing relationships.

My Style

My therapeutic style is calm and grounded. I believe that all people have the ability to learn, grow, and become better able to lead satisfied and happy lives. My objective is to actively help my clients to achieve their goals in as timely a manner as possible.


My Passion

I have a passion for helping couples to restore and improve their relationships. I love helping those with autism or those with a loved one with autism, and have had much success working with individuals struggling with an addiction and in recovery-related issues.  My personal experience in these areas allows me to connect well with individuals and families working through these challenges.

My Approach

I am primarily a Client-Centered Clinician, and utilize Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused, Behavioral, and Insight-Oriented Therapy techniques in addition to others, in order to help people to achieve their goals. I am a therapist who is a Christian, and when asked, am able to offer counseling services in which I integrate faith, Biblical concepts, and psychology in a way that respects each individual’s right to develop their own belief system.

I individualize treatment, and have been successful in working with persons of many faiths including those who reject religion altogether.